getting to know one another. (haiku)

salt lake city
land of confusing street layout
get me out now

make the best of it
by having a magic time
lost in mormon town

boise is much better
a bohemian utah
if there was such a thing

long drive to seattle
had to stop after a while
now we wait for tonight


Grace said...

Those are really great, visual haikus. Most attempts at haikus that I read are really bad:

hairball in a cat
death trapped inside its stomach
vomit hack repeat

^ you know, that kind of crap. ^

I hope your tour goes well! I am driving 6.5 hours (from OKC to Austin, TX) to see you on November 16. I've been a fan for a long time, and this will be my first time seeing your show.

I'm so stoked. Take it easy, bro.


youngcoyotes said...

wow. i can't believe you're going to drive that far to see us. thank you so much. those were my first attempts at real haikus so i'm glad i succeeded in some way...haha.

Grace said...

Well, I happen to be absolutely smitten with your music.

Have you ever been to Austin before? It's an amazing town. And for some reason, they serve queso with every meal. Not that I'm complaining.