half the record is done.

it should be online this friday...almost EVERYWHERE.

not really. however, if you search for it, it won't be that hard. the songs available will be:

momentary drowning (rerecorded)
when i was in the fire (rerecorded)
hell is...
splitting prisms

if you like it, let us know! if you don't, please refrain. my self-esteem is low enough.





day one of recording.

it's almost three in the morning. we stopped a while ago, but i can't sleep. we finished all of the drum and guitar tracks, most of the xylophone parts, and one song vocally. i went to starbucks (yes, i need caffeine) WAY too late and now i'm stuck here in a bed for the first time in months listening to william shatner cover elton john (youtube it), abe vigoda, and the dirty projectors. tomorrow is our last day of recording and we should have half the record done by tomorrow night. we might release it ourselves it no one is interested. we also have some shows coming up...check the space for details. 

i really would like to see the movie happiness. someone help me out. i can't find it anywhere. 

i'm still reading a book called the obscene bird of night.

i have no idea why i mentioned the last two things.

patience is something i don't really have anymore. maybe i never did.



big news.

we're recording half the record this weekend.

and then the other half soon after.

full length. ten songs.

it's gong to be in your precious hands in the coming months.

thanks for all the compliments we've been getting.


read the obscene bird of night by jose donoso.


summertime anti-blues.


chad wrote an amazing review of momentary drowning. he's my new best friend.

my copy and paste buttons aren't working properly. otherwise, i'd copy and paste it.

read a confederacy of dunces.



guess what?

the music for the full length is just about done.

10 song full length.

i hope everyone likes it.

we're going to try to put it out with someone, even if my life depends on it.



thank you blogworld.

quick little post about some awesome people who have been writing about us...

~ seewhatyouhear.blogspot.com ~One of the top tracks of the year SO FAR...

~dogalien.blogspot.com (Kelly and Jose) ~ Top track of the week "We've been listening to this track (Momentary Drowning) from this young band from Denver for a few weeks now. They bring to mind Bishop Allen with their use of hand claps, melody and integration of several interesting instruments. The passion in the vocals definitely brings to mind some of that white boy soul that Cold War Kids possess. They are definitely crafting their own sound and we can't wait to hear more."

~indiemusicfilter.com ~Featured song ~ "For fans of the hand clappy indie-pop Bishop Allen, Beirut or Oh No, Oh My!, check out Young Coyotes. The song below saved me from a few freak-out moments last night while driving a giant U-Haul trailer from Montreal to Toronto."

~linesthroughlines.blogspot.com ~ "Stomp, clap, point at the map. Nod, shake, we'll head to the lake. We'll dive off the floating dock into the green unknown. This Denver threesome might own the copyright on summer this year."

Thank you, guys!