i know the millions of you following have been aching to hear my thoughts as of late, but not much as happened besides everyday touring routines i.e. driving, playing, sometimes selling merch, doing mescaline in the desert.

we are in scottsdale/tempe/phoenix right now and the thing i look forward to the most tonight will be trying to see these clearly:

seeing pictures of the universe is probably one of the reasons why i decided not to paint. it's never going to look as nice.

a is for adam.
r is for raising arizona...which is a movie everyone should see.
i is for the idiot drivers we encounter.
z is for zach. that's me.
o is for orion's belt. which is an easy to spot constellation.
n is for nature, which people need to pay more attention too. (i don't mean in the eco-friendly way, although that's good too.)
a is for afterthought. here's one: read more because it'll keep you enlightened.


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Grace said...

Beware idiot drivers in Texas. They are the worst in the country. I've lived in Atlanta, San Francisco, Charlotte, Dallas, and Denver and also traveled all over the US. Texas has the worst drivers, by far. They don't signal when they change lanes, and they don't LOOK when they change lanes! They just start going for it and you either have to slam your brakes or get hit. It's insane. They also go about 30 over the speed limit AT ALL TIMES. And all that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I'm not trying to frighten you, but just wanted to warn you for safety's sake.

My friends and I are leaving tomorrow night for Austin so we can see you play. We're very excited.