big news.

hello everyone,

the band will be taking most of the summer off due to some wonderful happenings. these will be our last shows until september. i will be playing some solo-ish shows throughout the summer with my dear friend matthew around the colorado area and maybe elsewhere if it works out. we will be recording out full length album later this year as well.


05/16/2009 08:00 PM - Meadowlark Bar (21+) w/ Ian Cooke and Joshua Novak
2701 Larimer St.
Denver, Colorado 80205

05/22/2009 07:30 PM - Hodi’s Halfnote (All Ages) w/ Bad Weather California, M. Pyres & the Skygaze Family Band, and Candy Claws
167 N. College Ave
Fort Collins, Colorado

06/06/2009 02:00 PM - Great Divide 15th Anniversary Party (Early All Ages Show!)
2201 Arapahoe St.
Denver, Colorado
Portion of proceeds goes to The Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver and The Colorado Environmental Coalition. food and beer included...and soda for the youngins!





NIKE 6.0 - A.D.P (FULL) from BLACK CUBE on Vimeo.

i'm can't remember what i said to person who made this, but it looks pretty cool to me.

also, if nike starts airing this, i would like a rolls royce and a tempurpedic matress.



a touring limerick.

for those who ask about touring:

we are currently securing

summertime dates

for most of the states,

i hope this sounds reassuring.

by zach tipton

thank you edward lear.

also, if you feel like it, please vote for us, email free (!), for the best indie pop band in denver...whatever that means.



some fun stuff.


if you go to our twitter, you can find out secret things.

did i say half of the upcoming record is done? because it is.





i'm going to tweet the shit out of young coyotes.



how the fuck did i forget?

this is our daytrotter session. the unusual picture of me is on the front page of our myspace, but i failed to really let people know about it.

thanks to sean and everyone else at daytrotter.

it was an amazing experience.

here's the link:




best new band according to the westword.


you may disagree, but it's already in print.

so, there.


basement EP review!

basement EP review!
Young Coyotes’ March 2009 EP, Basement, was so named because it was recorded in the band’s basement. Pesonally having been born less than five miles from emo-superstar Conor Oberst’s childhood home and never before having heard Young Coyotes’ music, I was worried Basement was going to be a lo-fi, whiney, sadness-release. It’s hard for me to imagine being more wrong.
The EP focuses on rhythm and vocals – think the dynamic and rhythmic qualities of Animal Collective with some Shins-style vocals thrown in for good measure. The first two tracks on the album – “Momentary Drowning” and “When I was in the Fire” – make the best use of these focuses. Both songs are centered around warm, melodic chants. The chants provide more than just background noise and structure for the tracks. They cleverly play off of lead singer Zach Tipton’s vocals in a way which enhances both. Further, the chants fade in and out to highlight the rise and fall of each song.
Besides the rhythms created by the chants is rhythm generated by the heavy percussion component. The drums – which fade in and out to great effect, much like the background chants – are as important to each song as the vocals. With guitar being the only other instrument regularly appearing on the EP (bells make an occasional appearance), the drums provide necessary support to the vocals. Much like in a classical string quartet, where each aspect of the small ensemble is vital to success, the percussion provides a driving force which would be otherwise lacking.
Structurally, Basement is fairly standard pop. However, the focus on heavy drum beats and clever hooks put it on a different level. Only 17 minutes in length, Basement is a solid, interesting, and fun EP – particularly for Young Coyotes’ first release. The EP makes me excited to hear more Young Coyotes’ material and look forward to a time when this young band breaks out of the Denver music scene, onto the national stage.



first exhale EP review!

Young Coyotes decided to start off their career of recorded music with two EP’s, Exhale and Basement, released on March 10, 2009. Exhale consists of 5 freshly recorded tracks, while Basement (which will be reviewed on this blog tomorrow) is a compilation of the group’s previously released songs.
Exhale starts off with a strange guitar chord and an unusual drum beat. The distant vocals come in slowly. Listening to it seems to be nothing special. What could possibly come out of such a beat down beginning? Unknown to the listener though is that the song’s winding melody floats over the repetitious chord and simple drum beat, building, gaining strength, building tension until the vocals are calling out “What is this love in my house/It surely can’t be real.” At this point, the listener suddenly becomes aware that every bit of the song is still in his head. The airy “ooh”s become intimately familiar. The oscillating structure carries out the song in perfect fashion to the finish. And that’s just the first track.
The fast-paced songs continue through the rest of Exhale. The music remains subtle with repetitious chords and rare guitar riffs. Since the band only has a drum set and one guitar, the simple music technique lends itself to a vocal driven sound. The vocals themselves aren’t the smoothest around, but they certainly are catchy. Living up to their name, howls are found in every corner of the 20-minute EP, winding through the falsetto range. The melodies led through the vocals twist in ways unforgettable. Every song has the potential to be stuck in your head for weeks.
The skill this Denver duo brings to the recording studio on their first effort is unparalleled in structure, vocals, and lyrics by many of the more established bands of the same indie genre. This EP, Exhale, and its twin, Basement, are both available for purchase online via iTunes and AmazonMP3.




i hate capitalizing...but i had to get your attention somehow.

tomorrow...i'm not sure what time or how responsible apple is, but our latest release, EXHALE EP, will be available for download.

if you'd like to hear short clips of the songs being released everywhere else on MARCH 10TH, including the BASEMENT EP, then click these links:



our website, www.weareyoungcoyotes.com will also be up and running tomorrow as well.

thank you to everyone who made this past year really fun and interesting for a couple of lame dudes who sing about dying.


tennessee and arkansas.

nashville and memphis were great.

met up with old-ish friends, made new ones. nashville has the best places to eat and it's now on the list of places i used to hate, but now don't seem so bad.

forrest city, arkansas, on the other hand, is only good for one thing. al green. other than that...it's a typical scary, rural, racist town full of backwards people.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it.



***breaking news*** and a mild update.

because adam and i are both mixed race, itunes decided to make one of our upcoming EPs, EXHALE, an iTunes EXCLUSIVE one week earlier. so, instead of waiting until MARCH 10TH to own both of our EPs, EXHALE and BASEMENT, you will get EXHALE on MARCH 3RD. i think that's pretty cool.

also, ames, iowa was swell. lots of nice people. noisy hotel room though. NO, we were not being loud, the heater was. to absolutely set tempo. it's enough to drive someone crazy.

iowa city, you are a friendly town, although i hate you for the large amount of snow you dropped.

chicago, you have the prettiest girls...as an AVERAGE. not ever. the girls we think are the prettiest already know they are. just sayin'.

louisville, i had no idea you liked us enough to come out on a sunday. a pleasant surprise if you ask me.

now, we are in nashville with our dear friend davey. he's at school at the moment, so adam and i sit here awkwardly, trying to start a conversation with his roommates, who don't seem to like us. we also weren't aloud to do laundry at the place near his home, because we didn't go to his school. because they don't know how to be nice. that's all i'm going to say.

(cough) assholes (cough)




conor? tim? the rest of saddle creek?

Where were you?!

nah, i didn't expect you guys to come. you don't know us. but i least then there would've been more people there.

omaha, check. i don't like you very much. please be more fun and not as cold next time.

the people are swell though. thank you for letting us make fun of you and your friends.

iowa tonight.



pirate radio.

we did two interviews today. one was with radio 1190 for CU Boulder.

unfortunately, you can't listen to that.

the other one is also in boulder and is called 93.9 PIRATE RADIO. meaning it's illegal.

i may just be excited because i haven't done anything illegal in about two weeks.

if you'd like to listen to our hour long conversation with g girl, you can click this link soon: www.clickcaster.com/emotional-riot

i have no idea when it will be up. hell, it may even be up right now.

to give you a heads up, we talk about politics, the FCC, our heritage, and some news regarding the band.

we also insult each other...meaning adam and i insulting each other while g girl laughs.



marquee magazine interview...

http:​/​/​marqu​eemag​.​ com/​young​-​coyot​es-​give-​the-​denve​r-​indie​-​scene​-​somet​hing-​to-​howl-​about​/​2009/​01/​01/​

also,​ for those​ of you who would​ like to see us in perso​n,​ write​ us a messa​ge and i'll tell you what you need to do to get us out there​.​ we don'​t have the shado​w of a label​ just yet, so we'​re free to do whate​ver the hell we want.​ yes, we have many tours​ lined​ up for this next year,​ but we might​ miss a city or two.

email​ young​coyot​es@​gmail​.​com or write​ us a myspa​ce messa​ge and all of your hopes​ and dream​s might​ come true.​

enjoy​ the new year and keep every​thing​ easy peasy​.​