so, we had our first real practice with our new band member, matt. it was AMAZING. the new stuff sounds great and i can't wait for everyone to hear it. everything sounds so much bigger and definitely gets me even more excited for some (i hope) really awesome shows we are setting up. we are touring the WORLD from later this summer on, so i hope to see a lot of you there. here are the songs we have done and completed now:

momentary drowning
when i was in the fire
a thousand masks
tending gardens
hell is...
splitting prisms

and one that doesn't have a name yet.

we are working on a couple more this week and i will let you know as soon as they are done.

recording is being pushed back because there are some VERY special things going on.

i promise.

thank you for the wonderful compliments. i love you.



say hello to matt.

our dear friend matt wilcox will now be a full time member of young coyotes!

sweet deal.

he will be singing occasionally and playing all sorts of instruments.

lots of good news coming soon!



Blog City.

It looks as though the blog world has taken a liking to us. All of this is totally unexpected. Add these to the metaphorical trophy case. I'm completely joking.

Berkley Place (berkeleyplace.wordpress.com)

See What You Hear (www.seewhatyouhear.com)

Both had some very nice things to say about us.

Thank you very much. More band news later.



another song (lyrically).

hello blog world.

despite there being a ton of songs written for young coyotes, lyrics (at least for me) take a lot of time. the lyrics for another song are almost completed, but are far enough where i can say the name of it. the name of the new song is called

Splitting Prisms


i like the sound of that.





we are all an unwavering band of light.

two more songs (lyrically) completed. in addition to

momentary drowning
when i was in the fire
a thousand masks
tending gardens

you can add to the list:



hell is...

after i write the words, i go over them at least twenty times, crossing out words, adjusting spelling (for no reason, really), fixing melodies, before i write them again on a clean sheet of paper. it's a huge sigh of relief.

music for two or three songs completed...i just have to give myself a balance of time and sleep and i should have them done very soon.

thank you, mr. vonnegut.

(read breakfast of champions.)



new songs.

when adam gets back to denver late next week, we will be finishing up the little bells and whistles to all of the four or five new songs. unless something amazing happens and we have to fly in a private jet to LA and play for industry executives, we will be posting these online in some way or another. honestly though, i'm hoping for the former situation. i have some working titles for the lyrics i have written that i think might stay, such as "rooftops" and "i am the dot" (a reference to pete and pete...yet slighty more melancholy), but i haven't made any final decisions yet. 

we are going to write as much as possible until we work out something with a you-know-what, because we would like to see these recording in stores and online, with a budget slightly more than we have to work with currently, which is on the level of asking favors.

i hope you guys understand and don't call us sell outs. please don't call us sell outs. if you listen to the music, you can tell that we are quite sensitive. that, or really really high. (kidding)



said the gramophone.

check it out!!!

they wrote a blog post about us!


they are awesome!



live pictures are finally up.

check 'em out on the space!