remembered my password.

update time. we now have a US and Canadian booking agent. Her name is eva and she is lovely. she can be reached here:  evafata@aol.com   and that means touring. keep checking back for dates, as they will be up soon.

even though we barely see each other (which is a damn dirty shame) we have managed to write four more songs, which brings the total to eight. these will be out on a full length later this year, available everywhere in the universe, even with my life depending on it.  i WILL find a way.

right now, adam is probably leaving roswell, nm. he's a lucky bastard. i wanted to sneak into secret government organizations and infiltrate my way into the system, whatever that means. i am sitting at a table in laguna beach, watching the sun set...basically, making both of our lives worthy of envy. 

we will continue writing until we have no more strength and put as many songs as possible on the full length so we can move on peacefully to fresh, new songs for the next record.

keep checking back.



one of the craziest nights ever.

please, everyone cross your fingers for us.


the show last night...

was incredible. i've never heard so many drums in my entire life.


holy crappola.

we put up four songs early this morning. i didn't go to be until 9:30 this morning. i am still very tired. yet, i am very appreciative of the compliments we have received for the music we put up. we going to record a lot more throughout the next few weeks, so get ready for some more new music. goodnight.


after midnight special.

i'm about to put the new music up. i hope everyone likes it. adam and i put a lot of work into this. special thanks to our wonderful friend matt for playing xylophone and mixing everything. you're amazing. i love you.


matt is a meticulous mixing man.

our wonderful friend/producer/honorary pup is currently mixing everything. it sounds amazing.


done with lyrics.

i just finished the lyrics for the last of the four songs i'm recording vocals tomorrow. the song is called "tending gardens". the songs will be up on our myspace early next week. AHH! i'm excited. i hope everyone likes it.


nighttime lyrics.

so, it's almost four in the morning. i've stayed up this late because i want nocturnally inclined lyrics, therefore i'm only writing at night. does that make any sense? anyways, i believe i'm going to our friend matt's house in colorado springs this sunday to fix up some guitars, add some fun things to the mix, and finally record my vocals for the songs we have drums for (or more if we're lucky). i completed the lyrics for three out of the four songs, with the final song only having a chorus at the moment. the names of the songs are as follows:

"momentary drowning"
"when i was in the fire"
"a thousand masks"

the last one is still being bounced around in my head for a little longer.

the songs should be up early next week.



the beginning of recording.

so, we started recording our record today with our dear friend matt. he is amazing. megan helped out a bundle too. we finished the music tracks for five songs so far...and i should have the vocals recorded early next week. look out for THAT.



we played our first show tonight and only knew about it a few hours before we played. it was pretty awesome. if anyone took pictures i will put them up.