Momentary Drowning LIVE

i found this video on YouTube today when i was wondering if anyone has ever filmed us. turns out someone did. DNC party on 8/25/08

hope you guys like it!



more songs.

so...here are the names we have so far. there are more songs, just no titles. plus, some more lyrics need to be written.

momentary drowning
when i was in the fire
hell is...
splitting prisms
a thousand masks
tending gardens
the sun continues to reach me

there are about four or five or six more songs that we're looking to record for the full length. i hope everyone really likes whenever it is released.



tons of new pictures from the show at the hi-dive.

they can be found on our myspace right...NOW.



said the gramophone. part two!


"Hell is"
A new volley from these precocious scamps, and once again their da-na-na-na-na-na-na gusto has me setting campfires in my living-room. Wouldn't mind a little more menace in this glockenspiel-along, more Wolf Parade and less Shins, but under the gloss of dings there's a tumbling, river-rapid thrill - the whirl and yay of a good team, a good squad, a good gang. A band that might do anything.

Pretty cool!







denver post.


scroll down a bit. i swear.


two new blog posts.


click the picture to see adam. i couldn't get his lovely face on the screen.
see what you hear = super cool.


i am fuel, you are friends = equally as cool. they posted a show review.




we played two shows this past weekend...

and they were both wonderful in their own way.

the first was with son, ambulance. go check them out and buy their record. they're on saddle creek. super nice people. also, their sax player has his own trippy jazz electro stuff called  agronomo. listen to that too. and teamAWESOME.

and this----> www.myspace.com/castlesofmusic

the second was for the denver post underground music showcase. we played at an awesome t-shirt place called indy ink (www.indyink.com) and there were a lot more people than we expected. the show was sponsored by a lovely ad-free magazine called illiterate. pick it up. we played without mics but i still think everyone liked it. i really enjoyed HD and FM's set.

we have a few more shows scheduled (we'll add more also) and maybe (!) some tours VERY soon.