tennessee and arkansas.

nashville and memphis were great.

met up with old-ish friends, made new ones. nashville has the best places to eat and it's now on the list of places i used to hate, but now don't seem so bad.

forrest city, arkansas, on the other hand, is only good for one thing. al green. other than that...it's a typical scary, rural, racist town full of backwards people.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it.



***breaking news*** and a mild update.

because adam and i are both mixed race, itunes decided to make one of our upcoming EPs, EXHALE, an iTunes EXCLUSIVE one week earlier. so, instead of waiting until MARCH 10TH to own both of our EPs, EXHALE and BASEMENT, you will get EXHALE on MARCH 3RD. i think that's pretty cool.

also, ames, iowa was swell. lots of nice people. noisy hotel room though. NO, we were not being loud, the heater was. to absolutely set tempo. it's enough to drive someone crazy.

iowa city, you are a friendly town, although i hate you for the large amount of snow you dropped.

chicago, you have the prettiest girls...as an AVERAGE. not ever. the girls we think are the prettiest already know they are. just sayin'.

louisville, i had no idea you liked us enough to come out on a sunday. a pleasant surprise if you ask me.

now, we are in nashville with our dear friend davey. he's at school at the moment, so adam and i sit here awkwardly, trying to start a conversation with his roommates, who don't seem to like us. we also weren't aloud to do laundry at the place near his home, because we didn't go to his school. because they don't know how to be nice. that's all i'm going to say.

(cough) assholes (cough)




conor? tim? the rest of saddle creek?

Where were you?!

nah, i didn't expect you guys to come. you don't know us. but i least then there would've been more people there.

omaha, check. i don't like you very much. please be more fun and not as cold next time.

the people are swell though. thank you for letting us make fun of you and your friends.

iowa tonight.