first exhale EP review!

Young Coyotes decided to start off their career of recorded music with two EP’s, Exhale and Basement, released on March 10, 2009. Exhale consists of 5 freshly recorded tracks, while Basement (which will be reviewed on this blog tomorrow) is a compilation of the group’s previously released songs.
Exhale starts off with a strange guitar chord and an unusual drum beat. The distant vocals come in slowly. Listening to it seems to be nothing special. What could possibly come out of such a beat down beginning? Unknown to the listener though is that the song’s winding melody floats over the repetitious chord and simple drum beat, building, gaining strength, building tension until the vocals are calling out “What is this love in my house/It surely can’t be real.” At this point, the listener suddenly becomes aware that every bit of the song is still in his head. The airy “ooh”s become intimately familiar. The oscillating structure carries out the song in perfect fashion to the finish. And that’s just the first track.
The fast-paced songs continue through the rest of Exhale. The music remains subtle with repetitious chords and rare guitar riffs. Since the band only has a drum set and one guitar, the simple music technique lends itself to a vocal driven sound. The vocals themselves aren’t the smoothest around, but they certainly are catchy. Living up to their name, howls are found in every corner of the 20-minute EP, winding through the falsetto range. The melodies led through the vocals twist in ways unforgettable. Every song has the potential to be stuck in your head for weeks.
The skill this Denver duo brings to the recording studio on their first effort is unparalleled in structure, vocals, and lyrics by many of the more established bands of the same indie genre. This EP, Exhale, and its twin, Basement, are both available for purchase online via iTunes and AmazonMP3.



Tim said...

we've got more stuff coming too! check our blog in a few days to see the video interview and concert footage. Have fun at SXSW guys (i just read Kanye's going to be there too)

dan k said...

cant wait to see yall get some recognition, ive played ur myspace rips to death so i was psyched to get ahold of a live performance -recorded live set at kimos- and the new tracks sounded good, cant wait to hear the EPs... keep up the catchy apocalyptic jams and we lowly bloggers will spread u like poisonivy

Brian Chase said...

I love the new stuff but I cant help but wonder if we will ever hear anything more reminiscent to moros eros in future albums. I know its probably not your focus anymore but just out of my jealous curiosity (pun intended) I figured I'd ask. Either way keep up the great work, the EP's are amazing!