marquee magazine interview...

http:​/​/​marqu​eemag​.​ com/​young​-​coyot​es-​give-​the-​denve​r-​indie​-​scene​-​somet​hing-​to-​howl-​about​/​2009/​01/​01/​

also,​ for those​ of you who would​ like to see us in perso​n,​ write​ us a messa​ge and i'll tell you what you need to do to get us out there​.​ we don'​t have the shado​w of a label​ just yet, so we'​re free to do whate​ver the hell we want.​ yes, we have many tours​ lined​ up for this next year,​ but we might​ miss a city or two.

email​ young​coyot​es@​gmail​.​com or write​ us a myspa​ce messa​ge and all of your hopes​ and dream​s might​ come true.​

enjoy​ the new year and keep every​thing​ easy peasy​.​

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