new songs.

when adam gets back to denver late next week, we will be finishing up the little bells and whistles to all of the four or five new songs. unless something amazing happens and we have to fly in a private jet to LA and play for industry executives, we will be posting these online in some way or another. honestly though, i'm hoping for the former situation. i have some working titles for the lyrics i have written that i think might stay, such as "rooftops" and "i am the dot" (a reference to pete and pete...yet slighty more melancholy), but i haven't made any final decisions yet. 

we are going to write as much as possible until we work out something with a you-know-what, because we would like to see these recording in stores and online, with a budget slightly more than we have to work with currently, which is on the level of asking favors.

i hope you guys understand and don't call us sell outs. please don't call us sell outs. if you listen to the music, you can tell that we are quite sensitive. that, or really really high. (kidding)


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