we are all an unwavering band of light.

two more songs (lyrically) completed. in addition to

momentary drowning
when i was in the fire
a thousand masks
tending gardens

you can add to the list:



hell is...

after i write the words, i go over them at least twenty times, crossing out words, adjusting spelling (for no reason, really), fixing melodies, before i write them again on a clean sheet of paper. it's a huge sigh of relief.

music for two or three songs completed...i just have to give myself a balance of time and sleep and i should have them done very soon.

thank you, mr. vonnegut.

(read breakfast of champions.)



wisher said...

told you you would love it

youngcoyotes said...


Something McSomethingkins said...

How does one buy your songs. I don't think I can stand not having access to them much longer.

Zachary said...

hopefully soon! we're working on label stuff right now, but if things don't work out soon, we're going to rerecord everything and release it ourselves. cross your fingers!