NIKE 6.0 - A.D.P (FULL) from BLACK CUBE on Vimeo.

i'm can't remember what i said to person who made this, but it looks pretty cool to me.

also, if nike starts airing this, i would like a rolls royce and a tempurpedic matress.



J. said...

Zach ~ this is jarrod from greeley, damn. that video is sick. over the top - amazing. i don't know what will come of it but what ever comes that was worth every second. i hope that business goes viral. all the best,


cody said...

awesome video.

Chris Riesner said...

richard forne created this video and it had a huge impact on the BMX community. Really amazing video. It's because of this video that i'm now listing to your music and looking at your website, great stuff.