i forgot to mention how much fun daytrotter was.

we showed up a little early to a small, quint town in illinois called rock island, right next to davenport, iowa.

there are gambling places everywhere so adam and i knew we could would be comfortable.

we went to a cafe.

we went back to the building. third floor.

we talked with super sean, the found of daytrotter. we made him laugh.

we saw the posters of all the artists that have recorded there. we were slightly jealous.

we picked out our spots in the recording room and set up adam's drums, my guitar, and amp.

we recorded four songs...only a couple of takes each.

the songs were (in this order): momentary drowning, buried, when i was in the fire, and an untitled one.

we listened to the tracks in the other room. we peed ourselves because the engineer did such a great job.

we hugged and talked about future possibilities.

we said our goodbyes.

we talked about how great it was.

if you do not know what daytrotter is, you can go to www.daytrotter.com or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daytrotter or http://www.myspace.com/daytrotter

then punch yourself for not knowing.

thank you sean and mike and everyone else that helped us that day.

they will be online (i believe) in the next few months. cross your fingers.

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David said...

I told Adam that too me this si a big deal cos Day Trotter kicks ass.

Congrats and can't wit till I see you guys on there.