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Young Coyotes
by Heather Browne
There's a propulsive, raw, melodic sound coming from the streets of Denver these days from one band of Young Coyotes. This trio is only a few months into their existence as a musical entity, but are making addictively good indie-pop music in the vein of the Shins or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, with some hints of Arcade Fire. The Young Coyotes make blood pulse hot, with their chiming harmonic guitar tones, thumping percussion and strong shout-out-loud vocals. After turning in one of the strongest performances of the Denver Post's Underground Music Showcase in early August, a steady buzz has been building behind this band of fresh-faced twenty-somethings. Earlier this year, frontman Zach Tipton moved back to Denver from Georgia after the demise of his other band, Moros Eros. Zach had toured with percussionist Adam Halfterty while Adam was in his previous band The Axe That Chopped The Cherry Tree, and the two knew they shared a strong musical affinity. After adding percussionist/glockenspieler Matt Wilcox to the lineup, the Young Coyotes were born - and have been turning out songs that stick in your head and ebb with authenticity ever since. In addition to shows during the DNC and all through the closing of summer, you can catch their hotly-tipped set at the Monolith Festival VIP opening party on September 12. A listen through their demos on MySpace (album forthcoming) just might be the best thing about your day today: "Momentary Drowning" is ready to soundtrack an entire summer's worth of campfires and dives off the pier, while "When I Was In The Fire" rewards your patience when it explodes into a cascade of radiantly shimmering harmonies and urgent sentiments in the last seconds of the song. Young Coyotes play earnestly and with joyful ambition, and that's something that will always be worth hearing.



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