day one of recording.

it's almost three in the morning. we stopped a while ago, but i can't sleep. we finished all of the drum and guitar tracks, most of the xylophone parts, and one song vocally. i went to starbucks (yes, i need caffeine) WAY too late and now i'm stuck here in a bed for the first time in months listening to william shatner cover elton john (youtube it), abe vigoda, and the dirty projectors. tomorrow is our last day of recording and we should have half the record done by tomorrow night. we might release it ourselves it no one is interested. we also have some shows coming up...check the space for details. 

i really would like to see the movie happiness. someone help me out. i can't find it anywhere. 

i'm still reading a book called the obscene bird of night.

i have no idea why i mentioned the last two things.

patience is something i don't really have anymore. maybe i never did.


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